Zayed Peace Prize
Zayed Peace Award
Named after Sheikh Zayed, a man famous for his commitment to the welfare of humanity, the Zayed Peace Award recognizes those individuals and organizations which have had a positive impact on the world. There are thousands of humanitarian efforts that are effectively alleviating the suffering people around the world who are victims of forces beyond their control. Despite successful work to impact these problems, most organizations go unrecognized. The Zayed Peace Foundation wants the world to know about their work and their successes, so that their efforts may be repeated on a grander scale.

The Zayed Peace Award will recognize individuals and organizations around the world that have made important contributions in the fields of peace, sustainable social and economic development and environmental preservation. Awards will be divided into categories related to the areas above, and will focus on the contribution each recognized initiative, activity or program has made toward creating a positive difference in these three fields. Recipients of the Zayed Peace Award will also receive substantial grants for continuation and development of the work that earned recognition.

Just as important, the Zayed Peace Award and awards ceremony, will offer an opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the human spirit that continues to inspire individuals and organizations to affect positive change in the lives of others in our world, through their commitment and achievements. There are thousands of organizations around the globe that work each day to alleviate the suffering of men, women and children around the world who have become victims of impoverishment and all its manifestations due to war, famine, disease, poverty and other causes beyond their control. Despite their successful work to impact these problems, most organizations go unrecognized. We want the world to know about their work and their successes. The Zayed Peace Award will help this to happen. And further, it is also hoped that through these awards, others will come to know that they, too, can make a real difference in the lives of others.
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The Zayed Peace board will be announced. The esteemed members are the world leading scientist, religious leaders and environmentalist that are driven towards finding true pathways to peace. These visionary leaders will place the seeds of what the entire project will reap in the long term…If you would like to recommend a board member. Please contact our office on

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