The World Peace Conference Centre
Located on Peace Island will be Zayed Peace Foundation’s contribution to the world---the largest conference center of its kind, dedicated exclusively to peace, social and economic sustainability and environmental issues.

The conference centre will organize and sponsor monthly seminars as well as major conferences, bringing together in one place the world’s most noted religious and secular leaders, scholars and creative minds. Providing an ideal setting for the presentation and exchange of ideas, leaders and participants will have an opportunity to engage in dialogue in an atmosphere of mutual tolerance and respect, rather than in a climate of exclusionism and repudiation, often associated with partisan politics and settlement-driven debate.

The World Peace Conference Centre will provide an arena for world leaders, dignitaries and scholars to offer diverse perspectives aimed at promoting better understanding among people and nations, and achieving lasting peace, social justice and sustained environmental viability in our world.

The adjoining Jewel structure will be the tallest hotel in the world once completed, and will be built with the utmost security issues in place. The island can only be accessed by monorail direct from the airport and helipads for VIP visitors. The island will operate as a Peace Free zone and will eventual supply tax-free banking and networking for charities globally.

Our Intention is to hold world summit’s here in a highly secure environment:

Water Forum
Peace Summit
Our Water Future-MENA Annual Summit
Habitat for Humanity
World economic Forum
Environmental Summit
Islamic Peace Summit
Climate Change
Communications Summit

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The Zayed Peace board will be announced. The esteemed members are the world leading scientist, religious leaders and environmentalist that are driven towards finding true pathways to peace. These visionary leaders will place the seeds of what the entire project will reap in the long term…If you would like to recommend a board member. Please contact our office on

World Peace Conference Building
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