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Zayed Peace Island-Ecological Peace

Zayed Peace Island-Ecological Peace

A Model of the Future Zayed Peace Island is the result of a convergence of measures relating to inner ecology, social ecology, in which the principal theories of the established paradigm are taken into consideration and find their place in an integrated manner. This convergence results in a transpersonal state of consciousness, of which peace is one of the manifestations. — Pierre Weil, The Art of Living Peace —

The Zayed Peace Island itself will also be a living model and demonstration of how to live in harmony with nature and achieve a viable modern standard of living. Waste reclamation and recycling will be emphasized in order to avoid the production of refuse. Alternate forms of transport will be demonstrated. Transport options will range anywhere from modern electric trains that transport people from the airport to the island within 10 minutes, to the calm pace of genuine horse-drawn buggies. The famously rich and diverse habitats of the coast, now faltering due to the spreading industrialization of the coastline, will be brought back to glorious life by concentric rings of native coral reef and mangrove, providing shelter for many species.

We all know that the unwise ecological attitude of our recent ancestors has brought our planet to the brink of disaster. Our seas are awash in plastics that alter the estrogen content of all sea life, and by extension, of humanity. We unfortunately cannot allow ourselves the luxury of waiting for someone else to clean up our messes; we must therefore act before it is to late. Thus, Zayed Peace Island is specifically designed to enhance, rather than endanger, the local wildlife and flora.

We will cultivate the endangered fish population of the region, develop the natural wild life of the territory and celebrate its nautical history.

Every consumable on the island will be recycled and even the vegetables on the island will be grown using Hydroponics, which means that we can recycle the irrigation systems and sustain our water consumption. Solar power and every type of clean energy solution will be used on the Peace Island. With a special research and development department set up to study our findings and enhance experimentation on the uses of clean energy and ecologically friendly solutions.

Our ambition is to be a model society of the future in compassing ecology, finance, education, Communication Corporation and most importantly global compassion.

The Jewel

The Jewel of the Emirates - An ecological Icon
Out of the clear blue waters in the center of Peace Island will emerge the world’s tallest hotel. The Jewel of the Emirates will be built of crystal-clear glass, permitting natural light to enter and illuminate the entire structure, creating a jewel-like reflection in the surrounding water. The hotel’s architecture will feature a five-story lobby with stately Romanesque arches on all four sides. Truly unique in design, each floor will function as separate and independent suites, providing spacious and elegant accommodations for hotel guests. Hotel staff will be especially trained to offer exemplary, personalized service as well as superior security for high-level officials and other dignitaries. Helicopter taxi service and landing area will also be available for quick city travel.

Atop the hotel roof, guests will enjoy a large and well-equipped spa, offering a perfect spot for ultimate relaxation. Surrounding all of this will be a lush landscape overflowing with trees, flowers and other greenery, creating a welcoming oasis in the middle of the Arabian Sea.

Any construction project should look into sustainable practices, but the Jewel intends to go much farther, to showcase the most advanced and best-developed solutions in water, energy, and environmental technologies.

Designed to be self-sustainable, the Jewel will feature a solar array, beautifully crafted to fit in with the very skin of the building. This “solar farm” will supply energy to the entire island, and the property will feature its own solar powered desalination plant. Thermal heating and cooling will keep residents in the most stable and comfortable temperatures possible. Hydroponic agriculture will supply foliage of all descriptions as well as food and shade, in a delightful fashion similar to the stunningly beautiful “Gardens of Versailles”.

Located in the Center of Peace Island, the Jewel will be set in a lush landscape overflowing with trees, flowers and other greenery, creating a welcoming oasis in the midst of the Arabian Sea. It is only fitting that Abu Dhabi, should be graced by this sparkling jewel built in honor of their most precious gem, the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan.

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Zayed Peace Marina

Zayed Peace Marina- Sailing Heaven

Abu Dhabi is a gem among cities. Empires have risen and fallen on these storied shores. Historically the UAE coast has been home to major trading ports with India and Iran, Britain and Portugal, among others, starting with the Byzantine and Sassanian kings of old. Famous for its pearl industry, Abu Dhabi was favorably reviewed by Venetian traders in 1095! For 1,000 of years UAE has been the destination for fishermen, spice traders, pilgrims, merchants and brigands, refugees and military vessels, dignitaries and explorers. The increased marine traffic is a blessing and a problem – as we benefit from trade, the increased traffic muddies our waters with oil and effluvia, endangering our people, our shores, and our wildlife.

On Zayed Peace Island, we feel very strongly that it is possible to balance this increase of population, to temper our consumption with giving, to manage our resources so that they do not become scarce, and to care for our local wildlife, because they ultimate provide for us. We have designed a new Sailor’s Marina around the criteria of safety, appearance, and responsibility.

The UAE waters are host to 33 %of the world’s cetacean species, ranging from the tiny playful Spinner Dolphin to the grave and massive Sperm Whale. We also have the 2nd largest population of the endangered Dugong or “sea cow”. Locally numbering in the thousands, this is a remarkable survival of a very endangered animal. Sadly, motorboats are not anything that nature has prepared the dugong for. The spinning propeller blades injure them terribly as they float near the surface. For this and other reasons our island has banned propeller boat travel to our marina. As we are just off shore, we use exclusively sailboats, which are not only nontoxic and environmentally friendly, but lovely to behold.

Zayed Peace Marina as with all our projects intends to be a Peace Zone, a marvel of ingenuity that shows that it is possible to live in luxury and harmony with the environment while leaving a smaller “footprint” on the local resources and ultimate the globe we all share.

Peace Island Sailling Institute

Our Peace and Sailing institute is designed to serve several purposes: To enhance our understanding and appreciation of UAE marine life, to benefit the international sailing and racing community, and to protect and cultivate the endangered populations of the gulf waters.

Located on the Zayed Peace Island, our Marina will be specially equipped with all the necessities of the modern racing sailor. Our intention is that the competitive sail racing community will benefit from our facilities, training in the off-season for races such as the America’s Cup. We will also hold races and competitions to attract attention to the sport. We will attract competition grade sailing from all over the globe and will instill the respectful use of the sea even as we help sailors with training resources they urgently need. The winter months in UAE are ideal for training sailors from around the world.

We hope that our modern marina and sailing facility will enhance our local interaction with nature, harking back to the traditional seafaring existence that people in Abu Dhabi have lived for thousands of years.

Our aim is to introduce a global community to some of the most exciting waters on earth while cultivating our UAE national heritage of being a seafaring nation. In a setting that will be so breathtaking that it will become an iconic sailing academy of international standard and repute.

Paradise Castle
The past and present meet within the walls of the French-renaissance Paradise Castle, guests are provided with a relaxing and rejuvenating experience, within the setting of an architectural marvel from ancient times. The richly planted formal gardens and exquisite service will contribute to a total experience of peaceful relaxation and ultimate spiritual up lifting.

The gardens of the peace island are a living work of art in which the plants and trees are ever changing with the seasons. As they grow and mature, they are constantly sculpted to maintain and enhance the overall experience; hence, the Peace gardens are never the same and never really finished.

The underlying structure of a garden is determined by the architecture; that is, the framework of enduring elements such as buildings, verandas and terraces, paths hills and stone compositions. The art is to keep the garden almost static, like a painting.

Those seeking more adventure can enjoy a variety of entertaining activities, from a stable of the finest Arabian horses to ride on the castle grounds; to challenging their golfing skills on our lush 27-hole golf course, which conform to International PGA standards while being ecologically safe as grass feeds on sea water for our environment.

To top off the experience, guests may choose to visit our elite on-site restaurants, select from a variety of delectable cuisines, and dine at ease, surrounded by beautiful and modern landscaping.

Our unique combination of the modern and the ancient will make Paradise Castle a memorable experience for individuals and families alike...all proceeds go to the Zayed Peace Foundation for sustaining the Angel food initiative.

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The Zayed Peace Island
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