Al Akhdar Masjid*
Al Akhdar Masjid*
Exquisite in detail, Al Akhdar Masjid (The Green Masjid) will be the smallest masjid in the world. It is deliberately built small in size to remind us that the truly sacred is not always found in the glory of towering structures or splendid design, but is often encountered by the soul through simple beauty and humility of spirit.

Al Akhdar Masjid will be located on the point of Peace Island, surrounded by shaded garden and waterfalls. These peaceful and lovely features will give visitors an opportunity to appreciate and celebrate the reflection of God’s creativity in nature. It therefore will be a place where personal healing and the healing of our planet can begin as we move beyond a personal sense of peace, into a peace of the larger world.

When it was first suggested that we build a masjid on Peace Island, some asked: “Why would a project of inclusion and peace construct a monument associated with only one faith, especially when there is so much strife over that faith in this world?” We will answer with the words of our Foundation’s namesake, Sheikh Zayed: “Islam is the religion of tolerance and forgiveness, and not of war, of dialogue and understanding. It is Islamic social justice which has asked every Muslim to respect the other. To treat every person, no matter what his creed or race, as a special soul is a mark of Islam. It is just that point, embodied in the humanitarian tenets of Islam, that makes us so proud of it.”

Sheikh Zayed personified the very essence of Islam - peace and reconciliation through submission to God. We are building this masjid to communicate the truth of this ancient and beautiful faith. Al Akhdar Masjid will provide a forum to explore Islam, and to learn the spiritual truths that are so precious to the more than 1.5 billion people who follow Islam’s tenets of peace, charity and submission to God.
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