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Malnutrition is the number one health risk worldwide. There is literally enough food right this minute, to feed every man woman and child on the Earth, but due to a problem of poor distribution and poverty, the people who most need food are the furthest from obtaining it. According to the United Nations World Food Program, there are currently 960 million undernourished people in our world. This means that one in every seven men; women and children in the world today are hungry. In fact, hunger and malnutrition are our number one health risks worldwide ó greater than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined. With the number of undernourished people in developing countries has been increasing at a rate of almost four million per year.

Zayed Peace Foundation intends to make an impact on this epidemic with Angel Food Restaurants. As part of our Commercial Charity initiative, we will serve the poor while serving delicious meals to the better off in our society. The Zayed Peace Foundation plans to launch a unique initiative intended to impact this epidemic of hunger, as well as establish a concept and model that other international organizations might choose to support in their own work.

Todayís fast food chains thrive by providing a quick service in our rushed society, yet they raise concerns about trading health, nutrition and taste for a fast meal. We will create a chain of restaurants that serve nutrition not only to those who can afford to eat, but indirectly and directly benefit people who have no normal access to nutrition. At Angel Food, we will offer our excess and unsold to feed the poor locally. Our commercial revenues will also be directed via the Foundationís Charity food programs to help alleviate hunger in the developing world, and to sponsor programs that increase food production and redirect clogged sustenance resources in the hardest-hit areas.

Angel Food Restaurants will be situated in strategic locations around the globe, offering high-quality, healthy and delicious foods in a timely fashion. We are all familiar with the fast food chains that advertise quick service or boast the number of sandwiches sold. Many consumers, however, have become increasingly concerned about sacrificing health, nutrition and taste in exchange for a quickly prepared sandwich or meal. Angel Food will be organic, healthy and delicious. We will create food for the body and soul.

Another important feature of the Angel Food project will be its environmental friendliness, using only recycled materials in its food service. In addition, excess or unsold foods will be distributed to feed the hungry in each storeís surrounding neighborhoods. The intent of this project, however, is not only to provide healthy food and care for the environment, but also to save lives.

It is the aim of Zayed Peace Foundation to establish a network of sustainable and charitable businesses globally intended solely to generate revenues that will be directed through the Foundationís food programs to help alleviate the suffering of those around the world who are hungry.

At Angel Food Restaurants, every healthy meal purchased will represent a life saved.
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We will announce our global franchising partners for the first Charity fast-food chain dedicated to ending world hunger.

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