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Until the last decade of the 20th century, television was the primary source of information for most audiences.  Of course, new technology is partly responsible for the shift from television to the internet, but there appear to be other reasons as well. A 2008 Zogby International interactive poll of nearly 2000 people indicates that the primary source of news and information for 48% of respondents is now the internet, while only 29% said television is their main source of news. Thirty-two percent of those polled said that internet sites are their most trusted source for news.  Andrew Nachison, co-founder of the U.S.- based think tank iFocus, has reported that two thirds of Americans (67%) believe traditional journalism [which includes television] is out of touch with what viewers want from their news, adding that traditional news companies “…need to invest in journalism that makes a difference in people’s lives”.
This is what Zayed Peace Foundation intends to accomplish with AMEN®.

Some might be familiar with the Arabic word “ameen”, but are probably more familiar with the English spelling “amen”.  It has been used for centuries by Muslims, Christians and Jews alike.  Some may be surprised, however, at the meaning this word holds. More than just the ending of a prayer, the word ameen is an affirmation that what is being said is honest, faithful, trustworthy and true.

Global television broadcasts today are frequently dominated by news that focuses primarily on the negative events that occur in our world, and often without the in-depth investigation and follow-up necessary to tell the whole story.  While it is true that we need to hear the negative as well as the positive to get the entire picture, it is the positive that is often lacking, leaving many viewers with a sense of reality that is imbalanced and incomplete. 

Zayed Peace Foundation wants viewers around the world to see the whole picture.  We want them to see the positive and spiritually uplifting events that occur in our world every day…how ordinary people and committed organizations are responding to the suffering of others we see reported in mainstream media, and how they are making a tremendous difference in their lives.  And, we want to go a step further.

This everyday barrage of negative news casting has the effect of leaving viewers with a sense of hopelessness, and wondering if there isn’t something that can be done to change what they are seeing and reading on a daily basis.  And, more importantly, there are millions of people who would become more actively involved in the solutions to suffering if they know that their efforts are worthwhile and will make a real difference.

In a very unique and effective way, Amen® hopes to provide viewers with a more positive, balanced and complete perspective of world events, as well as offer viewers opportunities to become active partners in addressing the suffering we see reported in mainstream media each day.

AMEN® will be a 24hour Network global charity news network that will focus on the most pressing human and environmental issues of the day. With film and video from human service organizations around the world, Amen® will produce news programming that will report the activities, successes and needs of organizations like the Red Cross, Red Crescent, Worldwide Life Foundation, UNTV and many others.  Viewers will see how committed individuals and organizations are creating positive changes in our world, and how they can become involved in these changes.  When natural or manmade disasters strike, Amen® network will not only report the events, but will also present viewers with eyewitness accounts of what is being done to alleviate the suffering of victims, and what viewers can do to help.

With film, satellite feeds and interviews from locations globally, AMEN® will create and present hard-hitting, in-depth news programs focusing on topics of universal concern, like the effects of war on children, the latest medical developments for treating war-related injuries, the activities of medical organizations like Doctors Without Borders and organizational initiatives that are addressing disease prevention and treatment in underdeveloped countries.  These topics and others will give AMEN® viewers the complete story, as well as 24-hour-a-day opportunities to respond with financial contributions that will be directed to charitable organizations around the world through the AMEN® network.



The advertisements you see above, were created by the world’s top advertisement agencies. These examples and other like them have become familiar to the public, and have proven time and again that proper packaging is indispensable to properly conveying the vision and mission of charity organizations, as well as ensuring a charity’s success.

In a very real sense, this is what the Amen Network also intends to do: to package the worlds charities in appropriate programming in such a way that their vision is clear and unmistakable to anyone who wishes to contribute. Contributors can have the peace of mind that their donations are being directed to organizations with powerful visions. More importantly, because polished advertising and branding are costly exercises, we make them cost effective.

We also assist in raising money though our live call centers, giving further assurance to viewers that their money is being utilized wisely by recording and broadcasting first-hand, eyewitness accounts of the impact of their donations. Viewers and contributors will see with their own eyes the positive changes that are unfolding in the lives of people who are suffering around the world.

Contributions from major corporations are a primary source of funding for many charitable organizations, and account for a sizable portion of funding worldwide. Not all businesses are created equal, however, in terms of meeting their corporate responsibilities to society and the environment the goals of some corporations, and goals of the charitable organizations they fund, are sometimes found to be in direct conflict. AMEN® aims to be a guide to what often a dilemma of profit versus planet health. There are solutions and Amen will be dedicated to finding the most cost effective ones, which work with bottom line business advantages to participating in these ecological endeavors. Amen makes it pay for business to SAVE THE WORLD® by building brand loyalty for these company’s efforts globally.

As part of its regular programming, AMEN® network will target for special recognition and endorsement corporate contributors with demonstrated standards of excellence for their contributions to the welfare of society and the environment. A spotlight will be focused on corporations that have contributed in significant and substantial ways to the betterment of mankind in areas like education, healthcare, environmental conservation and environmentally sound manufacturing practices, and a wide range of other areas that demonstrate corporate responsibility and their desire to improve the quality of life in their communities and in the world.

When a product bears the SAVE THE WORLD® symbol of approval, consumers can have complete confidence that the corporation manufacturing these products meets the highest standards of corporate responsibility to society and to our environment. AMEN® and its sister company SAVE THE WORLD® will work together with participating corporations around the world to ensure that their efforts to improve the quality of life on our planet will be met with the positive public recognition they deserve.

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